Tips for moving into a smaller apartment

Tips for moving into a smaller apartment

Moving into a smaller apartment can be both an exciting and challenging experience. While downsizing to a smaller living space offers many benefits, such as lower rent and utility bills, it can also be challenging to adjust to the lack of space.

To help make the transition smoother, this article will provide helpful tips on maximising storage, creating a sense of openness, and making the most of your smaller living space. These tips will help you turn your smaller apartment into a cosy and functional home.

  1. Declutter your old space

When moving from your larger space to a smaller one, you must declutter the old space and toss out items that are old, broken or can be done without. Decluttering gives you a clear idea of the number of things you have and the items you’d take to your smaller apartment.

2. Make use of external storage

Utilise external storage if you’re left with items that are important to you but can’t be taken to your smaller apartment. Pay for storage spaces until you find a safe place to store those items.

3. Only move with your essential items

Only move with essential items to avoid taking junk to your new home. The space being small means there’s minimal storage space for non-essential items. Prioritise your essential things first.

4. Sell items you can do without

Making money from items that can’t be moved into your new apartment is a win-win and will go a long way in helping you set up the new space. Organise a yard sale, and sell the items online or to your friends and family at discounted prices.

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5. Utilise overhead spaces

Your apartment is already tiny, and the last thing you want is an apartment that’s so cramped up without enough leg space. Make use of your wall spaces by creating shelves, racks and alternative spaces.

6. Purchase multifunctional furniture.

It’s already a small space, so your furniture options are limited. Buy a bed with drawers or a couch that can be converted into a bed if you need extra space for guests to sleep.

7. Use light colours and mirrors

Light colours and mirrors can make a room appear larger and brighter. Consider painting your walls with soft colours and adding mirrors to create an illusion of space. Your space might be small, but you don’t want it always to look cramped.

8. Go easy on your decor style

Keep your home decor as minimalistic as possible to reduce your space's clutter. Have a mood board and only purchase items you know will add life and cheer to your home.

9. Embrace Your Space

Try to cram only a little into your small apartment. Embrace the limited space and make it your own by decorating it in a way that reflects your style.

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