How to Make Your Studio Apartment a Luxury Space

Dreaming of a luxury space while in a one-room self-contained apartment? Make your dreams come true with these tips!

How to Make Your Studio Apartment a Luxury Space

Do you love beautiful spaces but live in a one-room, self-contained apartment?

Ditch the “but” and know that it is possible to have both!

No rule states a studio apartment cannot be a top-tier space. You can upgrade your one-roomed home without having it cluttered or needing to make many expensive purchases.

Here are these clever tips that will turn you into a luxurious studio homeowner:

Use Mirrors

Mirrors are like windows to a larger world within your apartment - let these reflective wonders work their magic to create an illusion of space.

Oversized mirrors amplify space and light, and will visually expand the boundaries of your studio apartment. 

Hang Curtains High

Transform your space with floor-to-ceiling curtains for an elegant feel. They’ll add height and drama without breaking the bank. 

Using sheer curtains that will fill your studio apartment with the warmth of natural light during the day while maintaining a sense of privacy and airiness in the most luxurious way possible.

Get Some Rugs

Beautifully patterned area rugs give your space a touch of sophistication. 

These decor pieces for the floor are not a great way to segment your studio apartment, but add a simple but effective sense of cosiness and texture to your home.

Aesthetic Lighting

Lighting is the ultimate way to set the mood in any home. 

Experiment with floor and table lamps, or string lights to create ambience and elevate your apartment's aesthetic appeal. 

You can also experiment with different bulb colours and elegant lamp holders to illuminate your space creatively. 

Optimize Your Furniture

Say goodbye to clutter with furniture that doubles as storage units. 

Choose pieces with built-in shelving or concealed compartments to maximize every inch of your apartment. This is left to embrace a sense of openness and fluidity in your apartment's design.

If you have furniture that can’t incorporate storage, you can break free from conventional layouts and experiment with floating the furniture for more spatial freedom.

Decorate Your Wall

Just because you're renting doesn't mean you have to live with bare walls. 

Infuse personality into your space by adorning your walls with art and decor. Hanging wall art can bring more refinement to your apartment, and will help your small space appear larger without needing a large budget.

Experiment with large elegant pieces, a strip of wallpaper to one side of the room or a gallery wall to showcase your style and let your taste do the talking.

Elevate Your Bed

If you’re upgrading your space, you should upgrade your sleep experience as well. Elevating your bed to make room underneath serves as a great way to make room for extra storage and reduce clutter.

Also, with the right frame, it will complement the aesthetic appeal that is in progress, while maximizing space efficiency and taking your dreams to new heights.

Add Greenery

Plants are a brilliant way to add life (literally) and colour to your space, giving the right touch of vibrancy to your apartment.

You can help you fill-up the empty spots around the apartment, enhancing your home’s aesthetic appeal while purifying the air for you.

You can never go wrong when the introduce the vitality of nature to your apartment.

A Pop of Colour 

You can transform your space into a cozy tasteful home with your choice of wall paint.

You can opt for soft, neutral colours like white, light grey, or beige to make the room feel large and help your wall decor pop out even more. 

If you prefer dark colours, don’t let this discourage you. You can complement it with light-coloured curtains, lights, furniture and decor to help complement the cosy feel of the dark hue so it doesn’t feel too small.

If you have a tasteful way to combine both on your walls, feel free to experiment. Either way, embrace the power of colour psychology to take your space from brand to brilliant.

There are so many ways to make your space tasteful and elegant, regardless of the size. The most important thing is to have fun with the process.

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