How To Design A Small Space

These tips will help you figure out how to create the illusion of space, how to properly manage storage, and how to make each space count.

How To Design A Small Space

Small spaces in your home, living room, kitchen, and bedrooms, can be tricky to design. For starters, there is the issue of storage space, unappealing proportions, little room for natural light and other factors. And so creating a suitable design for your small spaces requires adopting tricky hacks and improvisations. Below, we break down some of the design elements you should consider when designing your own small space. These tips will help you figure out how to create the illusion of space, how to properly manage storage, and how to make each space count.

Go With Low Furniture

One of the key elements of effectively designing a small space is keeping the walls high, or at least, creating the illusion that your walls are indeed high. A great way to achieve this illusionary effect is to go with low furniture. Using low couches, miniature centre tables, small ottomans, low shelves and chests. For dining, you can go with a low picnic table and benches instead of high dining chairs and tables. You want to make sure to keep the rest of the house clear and free of the distractions that high furniture can bring to a small space.

Make Your Spaces Multifunctional

To properly manage your small space, it is important to have multiple uses for specific spaces. Your living room can function as a workspace and a common area. You can achieve this by tactfully breaking up the room using objects like centre tables, or shelves. You want to keep things multifunctional but free of clutter. While creating multifunctional areas in your small space, you have to consider objects with multiple functions, so for living room furniture, you can opt for couches that can be turned into a bed when needed. This is so your living room can seamlessly function as a guest space when you have people staying over.

Get Storage Furniture

When buying furniture for your small space, it is incredibly vital that you look out for homeware with storage space. Instead of simply getting a regular bed, go for a storage bed. With a storage bed, you can store clothes, trinkets, or things you don’t use often but don’t want to clutter your space. And instead of small baskets or hangers for your clothes, get a large, high wardrobe with multiple drawers and space where your clothes, shoes, and body products can be stored. Having a single space that holds everything in your small space will centralize the focus of the space and keep things organized, minimalist and with the sense that there is more space than there actually is.

Be Resourceful

To properly utilize space, you need to think outside the box and adopt resourceful processes when designing a small space. Think of objects around your house that can be used in non-traditional ways. Have an old chair? Use it to hold your books or vases. Have an unused shoe box? Use it to grow your plants instead of buying huge pot plants that might take up space in your home. Don’t be afraid to rethink how the objects you already own can be used so you don’t end up buying too much furniture that might end up crowding your space.

Go Neutral

Back to creating the illusion of space. When designing a small space, use colours around your home that blend seamlessly with the background and will cause less distraction to the eyes. For the walls, go white. For other colours, go with cream, light brown, light greys, etc. For furniture, go with light wood. Bright, active colours draw the eye’s attention quickly, and you don’t want to create too many focal points when formulating the illusion of space.

Use Mirrors and Reflective Surfaces

To make your space feel more expansive than it actually is, use a lot of reflective surfaces. You can go for large wall mirrors or small mirrors placed across your walls. You can also use other reflective furniture like glass tables, chests with glass doors, shelves with glass or reflective shelf board.

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