What It’s Like To Use Spleet’s Rent Now, Pay Later

A Spleet member shares their experience applying for Spleet's rental loan, RNPL.

What It’s Like To Use Spleet’s Rent Now, Pay Later

Renting has become a truly expensive sport at the moment. With inflation as high as 26.7, more Nigerians are faced with the tough question of deciding between paying their rent or simply surviving on a day-to-day basis. At Spleet, we understand the complexities of housing in Nigeria and has developed a solution specifically for this problem. With Spleet’s premiere rent credit product Rent Now Pay Lateroffer, current and prospective Spleet users can take advantage of a flexible loan package. RNPL loans take less than 72 hours to process and approve and offers up to 5 million Naira in rental loans, with a super convenient payment plan running up to 12 months.

RNPL also offers customizable loan offerings to suit your specific rental needs. And what’s more, Rent Now Pay Later offers you a reduced balance on your interest. What this essentially means is that as you promptly pay off your loan, your principal balance reduces, so that you end up paying a lot less than your initial interest rate. For many of our members who have used our Rent Now, Pay Later, ease, flexibility and convenience have been the recurring themes in their testimonials. You don’t have to take our word for it, read on to hear from one of our Spleet members on the experience of accessing Rent Now, Pay Later.

Spleet: Hi Dami Moyela, thanks for speaking with us today. It’s so exciting to know that you’ve been a Spleet member and have been renting with us since 2021. What was your first impression of ‘Rent Now, Pay Later’ when you first came across it?

Dami Moyela: I discovered the Rent Now, Pay Later feature on Instagram. My first impression of it was that this would position Spleet above the pack because this is so niche. There are a lot of competitors in your space, but doing this in the way you are doing it puts you above the rest.

Spleet: We are honored you think that, can you walk me through what your experience using RNPL for the first time was like and why was it your go-to rental loan service?

DM: I was looking to renew my rent and needed a loan to foot that. Spleet’s RNPL crossed my mind because I had been seeing it for a while. The loan application process itself was honestly very seamless. The process of making a loan request, signing up and submitting the required documents was a breeze. The loan approval was also instant, and I barely experienced a hitch throughout the process. This has been my experience with all of Spleet’s services so my expectations were high and I wasn’t disappointed.

Spleet: How would you say Spleet has made living and renting a lot easier for you, if at all?

DM: For sure, Spleet has helped make living easier and stress-free. I don’t have to worry too much about the small details that come with renting the traditional way. What Spleet’s monthly rent offering does for me is make it easy for me to strategically plan monthly and have a bigger budget and allocations outside of rent. In many ways, the platform simply takes the stress off my back.

Spleet: We are happy to be able to do that for you and our members. What would you say to someone looking to apply for a rental loan through "Rent Now, Pay Later"?

DM: I’ll tell anyone still considering whether or not they should take a loan through RNPL to absolutely go ahead because Spleet is a reliable platform. As someone who has been with the brand for over a year now, I know firsthand how reliable and committed Spleet is when it comes to solving housing issues and ensuring their members and people who want to use them have access to living well.

Like Dami, Spleet’s Rent Now, Pay Later feature is designed to make paying for rent much easier. You can get started by signing up on Spleet today. You can also get more information on Rent Now, Pay Later, check out frequently asked questions and read through our comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to apply for RNPL.