The Best Time To House-hunt in Lagos, According to Realtors and Agents.

The Best Time To House-hunt in Lagos, According to Realtors and Agents.

Getting a house in Lagos requires precision and careful planning. With an estimated population of 15 million people, the cultural centre of Nigeria continues to find itself with more people and fewer spaces to house them. The congestion has in the past few years resulted in a hike in rent prices, a rise in shoddy buildings, and the occasional rental scams that target people desperate for a place to live.

We once referenced a list of scams that can take place when people are looking for a home. Some of the scams we highlighted ranged from agents refusing to schedule viewings to the absence of a tenancy agreement during the rental process. These are not things Spleet condones in our own monthly rental service. This is why we put the list of scams together for and why we have taken the time to speak to agents and realtors on the best times to rent in Lagos.

These agents have garnered years of experience renting homes in different parts of Lagos and so are firmly grounded in the nuances of renting in Lagos. Below are some of the best times to rent, according to housing experts.

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Rainy Season (June - July)

It is a tale as old as time, but if you want to know what itโ€™s like to truly live in a place in Lagos, visit when it rains. Because the city is prone to flooding, owing to rising sea levels and subsidence - sinking of the ground - certain neighbourhoods tend to get flooded with water when it rains. These neighbourhoods are usually at waterfront areas, or really close to waterfront areas. But flooding also happens in areas with poor drainage systems. Either way, housing experts recommend visiting an area at its worst to see what itโ€™s like to live there.

Beginning of the Year (January)

One of the experts we spoke to recommends looking for a house at the beginning of the year. At this time, people are likely to have moved out or been in the process of moving out. January tends to represent a new beginning for a lot of renters in Lagos and it is also a good opportunity to look for a home.

Wedding Season (October and November)

Housing experts tell us that during wedding season when couples are likely to be merging their homes or moving out of their old homes is a good time to house-hunt. At this time, couples who already had a place are willing or likely to move in with their newlywed partners leaving their place vacant and up for rent. Targeting and planning your rent savings and house-hunting activities around this time will increase your chances of finding a suitable home for yourself.

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End of Year (December)

The end of the year often comes with a lot of reflection and a need to enter the new year with a bang. And one of the ways people look to make this huge bang is by moving into a new space, leaving their old spaces vacant and even providing demand for incomplete buildings that will get finished faster and allow for more vacant spaces. Targeting your savings towards the end of the year gives you a huge advantage in the housing market. You are likely to find homes that fit your needs when the market is full of options.

While these seasons are ideal for house-hunting in Lagos, other housing experts advise that notwithstanding, the best time to rent is always now. And if you are unable to secure a year-long rent arrangement, renting through Spleet will help you circumvent that problem. Spleet allows you to rent and pay monthly. Our services are fitted with top-level home management, seamless living experience and clear legal protections against housing scams. So rent with Spleet today!

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