So What Exactly Is Spleet Facility Limited?

Spleet Facility Limited takes a thorough approach to managing your properties and protecting your investments.

So What Exactly Is Spleet Facility Limited?

Spleet Facility Limited is a subsidiary of our premiere flexible renting platform Spleet. With Spleet Facility Limited, Spleet is extending its expertise in facilities management into a whole, separate entity open to non-Spleet members. So now, you don’t have to be a Spleet member to access the great benefits of our facilities management offering.

Our core values are premised on concise communication, action bias, continuous learning, empathy and a genuine love for our clients/members. Along with strategic partnerships, we offer facility and property management services to discerning customers who also share our desire for quality service and excellence.

How Spleet Facilities Limited Operates

SFL takes a thorough and well-considered approach to managing your properties and protecting your investments. We do this via Verify a due diligence tool that helps you protect your rental investment from high-risk tenants and litigation by performing identity verification and anti-money laundering checks on prospective tenants before a lease agreement. We also have Collect, an automated rent collection tool for landlords and property managers. With Spleet Collect, you can track your rent payments across several properties and send automatic reminders to your tenants.

What Kind Of Spaces Does SFL Serve

We offer our services to a wide range of buildings and facilities including, estates, commercial buildings, residential buildings, office spaces and industrial complexes. Each facility is given our standard yet sufficiently tailored experience to ensure we are meeting the most precise needs of that building. Our focus is on understanding the nuances of what your building needs and ensuring we are managing it from a human-centred perspective so that your buildings are consistently suitable and convenient for the people who live or work in them.

Who Can Request For Our Service?

Simply put, we work with anyone with a building that needs managing. This can mean anything from a block of apartments in an estate to a government building. With our extensive expertise and experiential capital, we are able to accurately deduce what a building needs and provide just that.

Services SFL Provides

Spleet Facilities Limited offers a handful of specialised services to our clients including Maintenance, Smart Energy Management, Property Asset Management, Vendor Management and Budgeting and Expense Accounting. These services enable us to serve our clients with a 360 management experience.

Why Use SFL?

Prompt reporting

No news is not necessarily good news. We ensure we report; both good and not-so-good news. It is important our Clients’ are non-intrusively kept abreast of the performance of their assets.

Minimal Vacancy

Professional and responsive management is a significant catalyst to attracting and retaining members. Our residents always prefer to renew their tenancies even in the face of reasonable upward rent reviews.

Capital Preservation

The first rule to investing is not to lose capital. This is our perspective on our Clients’ properties; real estate is capital. We ensure the property is properly maintained to continually command optimal rents.

Now that you have a sense of what we do over at Spleet Facilities Limited, you too can get started now