How Spleet Finds You A Home

How Spleet Finds You A Home

One important thing you should know about Spleet if you already don’t, is that we are committed to finding you a perfect home that allows you ease and flexibility. But how exactly do we make that happen? In this piece, we break down the three key processes and steps we take to get you one step closer to your perfect, stress-free living arrangement.


Spleet works with a connected network of agents and scouts to find you a great home. We draw from a pool of personnel whose tastes and understanding of the housing landscape allow them to skirt past unfavourable housing arrangements, to secure you properly built homes. But that’s not the only way we go about it. Homeowners are also allowed to list their homes directly on our platform. Of course, they are put through a careful quality control process to ensure their homes meet the standard we want to provide for you. If you’re a homeowner, you can get started here.

Quality Control

We care about getting you a flexible living arrangement, sure. But we care about getting you a suitable, conducive place to live even more. This is why quality control checks are incredibly important in our sourcing and listing process. Our quality control process focuses primarily on ensuring any space we intend to offer you comes with the basic amenities needed to have a safe, undisturbed stay.

  • In our Spleet-managed facilities, we only work with spaces with amenities beyond the basic necessities. Alongside clean running water and power supply, we also expect Spleet-managed spaces to have furnished spaces, at least a 15-hour supply of power, sufficient security if it is a gated community and even great air quality. We do this to ensure that the spaces we personally manage provide you with the best living arrangement.
  • For non-Spleet managed spaces, however, we also ensure that you have the best of basic amenities needed to make your stay stress-free. Clean running water, sufficient power supply, and sturdy buildings are some of the factors we look out for before listing a home on our platform.

Overall, we thoroughly consider these things because we believe they are the barest minimum needed to give you an optimal living experience.


Uploading details about the home is the third and final cycle in this process. This process entails giving you a complete and nuanced view of the space you are about to live in. Our listing process focuses on providing you with a preview of what it’s like to live in our listed spaces. Our listing focuses on primary spaces, bathrooms, bedrooms, and common areas. We also emphasise any additional features to provide a proper view of these spaces.

Now that you have a sense of how we source, authenticate, and list the spaces that provide an incredible living experience, why not get started with Spleet today? You can find your next living space or list your space with us!