Five House Plants You Cannot Kill, (No Matter How Neglectful You Are)

These Houseplants, from bamboo to cacti, are low effort, easy to keep alive and a great design addition to your home. No matter your design taste

Five House Plants You Cannot Kill, (No Matter How Neglectful You Are)

Unlike most things in design, plants are the easiest things to fall in love with. No matter how small or large they are, plants add character to our spaces. In minimalist homes, plants are an excellent way to create focal points in a sparsely designed space. In maximalist spaces, plants enliven and enrich the artifacts that already exist in them. The key point here is that plants are excellent, often low-effort ways to give your home a sense of warmth and aliveness.

While plants are great and all, some of them often require a lot of effort and energy to maintain. Thankfully, this doesn’t apply to all of them and in this piece, we’ll be sharing some plants that are not only suitable to keep in your homes but require very little energy or time to maintain.

Here are some low-effort houseplants you are likely never to kill from negligence.


All bamboo plants need is water and very little light to keep them alive. Water it daily, except when the bamboo is already sitting in standing water. It is important to note that if your bamboo begins to lose its leaves, it might be because it is adjusting to its new environment.


Bromeliads are bright red and green plants that will brighten your home while taking up very little space. To care for your bromeliads, provide bright light away from direct sunlight. Keep the space around the plants airy, so you might want to keep it next but not directly at a window. Make sure to keep it moist but not soggy.

Money tree

Money tree plants provide a striking, singular flair to your home. To maintain, water it until it fills up and runs out of the pot. It is recommended that you do this one to two weeks before watering again. Keep it away from direct sunlight, although they do well in bright, humid spaces.


Contrary to what you might think, thanks to some cactus-plant-killing parents (if you can believe that,) cactus plants are honestly so low maintenance, it would be nearly impossible to kill them. They add a sturdy, earthy touch to any space they’re in. To maintain, give them enough, but not too much natural light. Water generously, but space it out. You can tell when your cactus plant needs water when 2 to 3 inches of the soil is dry.

Peace Lily

A peace lily plant will add a delicate note to your home with its lush white and green plants. Here is how to care for it. Keep away from direct sunlight, but make sure it is in a bright spot. Once the leaves start to droop, then you know it is time for them to be watered. Use filtered water, such as bottled water, etc.