Best Stores To Purchase Luxury Homeware in Lagos (If You’re Unbelievably Liquid)

Artisanal chairs, tastefully sculpted vases, timeless furniture pieces and many more are some luxury items in this guide.

Best Stores To Purchase Luxury Homeware in Lagos (If You’re Unbelievably Liquid)

Getting quality homeware in Lagos can be tricky for several reasons. The city is wide and bursting with options for homeware products, making it hard to drill down on where to shop for what kind of homeware you like. Some people are into low-cost, yet high-quality homeware products, while others can afford to lean towards high-end, timeless pieces with immense value. This piece provides a guide for people seeking the latter. People who are, of course, unbelievably liquid or really close to it. Getting luxurious homeware goods is often not just an aesthetic choice, they are also often great investments in one’s personal space.

In this piece, we’ll be sharing some of the stores in Lagos where you can find excellent luxury homewares with timeless and tastefully created homeware products that will give your space that elegant, elevated taste you are looking for.


Photo Credit: @homere.landmark/Instagram

Homère is a gift and homeware store with a physical outlet in the Landmark shopping arena. Set close to the cinema and opposite the Landmark events centre, the Homère store offers quality, luxury products that will turn your home into an elevated, luxurious space. From coffee books to artisanal vases. Lush candles to hand-sewn throw pillows. You will even find original paintings and photographs from renowned Nigerian artists that can be hung on your walls.

Alara Lagos

Photo Credit: @alaralagos/Instagram

Known for its famous red walls, Alara offers a wide range of timeless, one-of-a-kind art pieces mostly in the fashion area, but they also have a number of homeware pieces that will provide your home a glamorous yet tasteful feel. The store offers everything from artisanal chairs to one-of-a-kind vases and throws. Here, you will stumble on exciting items that will give your home that extra sheen you are looking for.

Temple Muse

Photo Credit: @templemuse/Intsagram

Temple Muse is set in a white, brick and glass building filled with timeless homegrown and imported trinkets. Here you will find everything from the latest offerings in Nigerian fashion to decommissioned, one-of-a-kind homeware goods. So if you are looking to add, timeless, limited homeware artefacts to your space, this is the place to go. Temple Muse also carries an array of crystals for those who enjoy collecting them.


Photo Credit: @flowershopcafelagos/Intsagram

Although this is technically a cafe and a flower shop, as its name suggests, you are also sure to find something to elevate your home. Flowershop has plants, as well as trinkets that can give your home a luxurious, classic feel.