Which In-Home Internet Service Provider (ISPs) Is The Best in Nigeria?

The ultimate guide to finding the best in-home internet service provider in Nigeria - based on location, reliability, customer service, and pricing.

Which In-Home Internet Service Provider (ISPs) Is The Best in Nigeria?

Finding the perfect in-home internet service provider is akin to finding a needle in a haystack. Nothing tests your patience like bad internet. The stakes have gone higher ever since the pandemic, with more people working remotely and looking for lightning-fast connectivity.

All of them are annoying in their own right. They all make me cry. - god, Lekki Phase 2

We embarked on a quest to determine the best internet service providers in Nigeria. We started by conducting a survey asking people which internet provider they use based on location, reliability, customer service and pricing. From the 30+ respondents, we were able to pull some data, which we are happy to share with you.

All of them are frauds. Unstable internet, low bandwidth, poor connection and data-sucking machinations. - Covenant, Alapere

We present to you the ultimate guide to the "Best In-Home Internet Service Provider in Nigeria."

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the respondents and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of the author or publisher.


  • Pros: The MTN modem is quite affordable, plus it’s handy, so I can take it with me everywhere. The internet connection is good when it is, and the bundles are affordable as well. On average, I spend about 30k a month on data.
    Cons: The internet connection is capital B for bad sometimes, and the bundles finish too quickly. The battery for the modem is horrendously useless; you have to keep it plugged in every time. - Liz, Lekki Phase 2
  • Pros: The network coverage is good; you’ll be connected to the internet in most locations in Nigeria.
    Cons: The service is bad. If not that the others are terrible, I would have ditched it. - AY, Mafoluku.
  • Pros: I’ve seen people complain about the connection, but I’ve hardly experienced it. It’s been good for me.
    Cons: Data finishes really fast like they are using my data in their office to work. - Dayo, Egbeda.
  • Pros: Fast network, sometimes.
    Cons: The bundles don’t last long, and the network fluctuates from time to time. - Kory, Shomolu
  • Pros: There are no pros.
    Cons: The network is slow and frustrating. - Bluu, Ogudu
  • Pros: The speed is actually ridiculous. You have to experience it to believe it. It’s waaaay faster than the office internet, which is saying a lot. It has unlimited bandwidth and uncapped speed. It requires very minimal maintenance after the first installation.
    Cons: When it rains, it can become really slow or stop working completely. Customer service is nearly non-existent. So if you have issues, you might actually need to pray. Installation is a bit of a pain. because it’s DIY, you need to figure out the right height and method to mount ‘dishy’ - I spend $45 a month - Toba, Ojota-Ogudu
  • Pros: It’s always on.
    Cons: There’s a 1-3 minute snag when it’s raining, plus it’s not portable. I spend about 34k on data monthly. - Kodetrix, Ikate.
  • Pros: Unlimited data and true peace of mind. I never think or bother about data or internet service being messy at unexpected times. I can use it anywhere in Africa if I ever decide to move.
    Cons: The hardware is a bit expensive. Payment used to be an issue, but they accept naira cards for subscriptions now. On average, I spend 40k on data monthly. - Believe, Akowonjo.
  • Pros: It is very fast and very reliable.
    Cons: It absolutely doesn’t work when it rains. I send $42 a month - Tola, Lekki Phase 1.
  • Pros: The connection is pretty strong.
    Cons: When it rains, it goes off completely. I also have had to get a booster for the other floors in my house. - Oga, Lekki Phase 1

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  • Pros: Fast, good internet and responsive customer service.
    Cons: It needs to be connected to electricity to work. I spend an average of 18k a month on data. - OA, Victoria Island.
  • Pros: Nothing. - LJ, Lekki Phase 1


  • Pros: For a fixed price, I get unlimited internet as long as there’s power supply. It’s also affordable. I like it a lot because I work remotely.
    Cons: There are periods when the network is really slow or even unavailable. Customer support can also be ridiculous. Also, it’s not battery powered, so you need to be connected to electricity for it to work, which may not be great for people who have poor power supply in their area. I spend 11k+ a month- Arese, Gbagada.
  • Pros: It’s affordable.
    Cons: When there are downtimes, it’s really bad. Also, for some reason, the coverage doesn’t span my whole house. We had to get something called an extender (I think) so it could get to my room. I spend 12k a month - Reme, Ilupeju
  • Pros: It’s truly unlimited, and with a minimum payment of 11k, we can connect 10 devices simultaneously, including appliances, and it’s never slow.
    Cons: At least once a month, there’s a whole day of downtime. - Swan, Ogun State


  • Pros: Wide network coverage and stable connectivity.
    Cons: There are times when the network is shitty, but it’s good most days. I spend between 20k - 30k a month on data. - Michael, Ketu
  • Pros: The network is fast.
    Cons: There are occasional downtimes which necessitate a restart - Temitope, Alapere
  • Pros: It’s very fast.
    Cons: Internet totally shuts down sometimes - Beebs, Surulere.


  • Pros: Free midnight and morning browsing, which is great.
    Cons: I can’t take it outside my home; it will have issues as it only works in certain locations. - Dayo, Egbeda


  • Pros: It’s cheap. It’s good for background work, and ether are more uptimes than downtimes.
    Cons: Customer support is hard to reach. There’s a long wait time for repair, and the signal is sometimes weak. I spend 40k a month. - Chuka, Lekki


  • Pros: There’s minimal service downtime.
    Cons: It costs a lot. I spend about 25k a month on data. - Bayo, Abuja

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