5 home management apps that'll keep you from killing your housemates

Sharing a space with other people can be tricky. Here are some apps that can help you seamlessly manage that experience.

5 home management apps that'll keep you from killing your housemates

Sharing a space with other people, even those we are most familiar with can be tough. Because we all approach life differently in terms of personal taste, interpersonal boundaries etc, we are often bound to come in contact with people we are not immediately compatible. Sometimes though, our personal preferences can bring us in contact with people we share a lot of similarities with. But whichever way, sharing a space with someone requires more work beyond natural compatibility. This is why it is vital to set up structured guidelines and approach co-habitation with intentionality. Setting up a system for sharing space with other people doesn’t necessarily create a rigid atmosphere. If anything, putting structures in place will make it easier to enjoy the space you share with others without resorting to constant disagreements about how things should run.

So below, we put together a list of apps that can help you cohabit peacefully, without being forced to kill your housemates.

  1. Eden Life

One of the key things housemates often have to deal with is food management. Who cooks what, and who buys what? These issues can, however, be easily resolved when there is a structure around food. You can choose to draw up a timetable for meal preps and cooking if yours is a household that values and or has the time for cooking. If not, you can opt for an app like Eden that allows you both to schedule meals that arrive at a specific time. Your meals come labelled so that even if they are stored in the same fridge, the chances that someone will mistake it for theirs, are slim. You can also decide to use Eden separately to allow for better management and clear boundaries.

2. Spotless

Keeping a house clean is often the biggest source of argument for people sharing a space. Different people have different preferences for hygiene. While some people don’t mind a bit of dirt, others are fastidious about keeping their spaces spotless. Whatever the case, the best way to go is to meet in the middle. With an app like Spotless, you can schedule chores and stay on top of things with ease. That way no one feels like they are doing more work than they bargained for.

3. Spleet

Apart from helping you find the most suitable living arrangements, Spleet also ensures your stay in these places is easy and convenient. Finding a space to live with Spleet, a shared space, in this case, will cut out the chances of misunderstandings and fights that may ensue. Spleet ensures your living space is well managed, allowing you the freedom to focus on actually enjoying your space. Find your next living space on Spleet today.

4. Piggyvest

Another huge source of argument and discord for people living together is money. These arguments can come up in small and big ways. From rent payments to light bills or simply refilling the water dispenser. A great way to ensure there is an automated ease around money is to use an app like Piggyvest that allows you both to hold a group saving dedicated to the everyday expenses needed to run the house. Each person is required to contribute to the savings pot say every two weeks and every money taken out of it is approved by each party involved.

5. Google Calendar
Google Calendar is a more updated and flexible way to hold yourselves accountable when sharing a space with other people. House meetings, cooking timetables, savings due dates, and other important details can be set up on Calendar to ensure everyone is reminded of what they need to do and what they need to do it.