5 Design Inspirations From The Big Brother Naija House

Here are 5 design inspirations to take from the Big Brother Naija House.

5 Design Inspirations From The Big Brother Naija House

Big Brother Nigeria is back for its first All-Star season and we are all buzzing from the excitement. With previous exciting contestants making a return, brimming drama and looming eliminations always on the horizon, this season promises to be one for the books. As always, a hugely anticipated part of each new BBN season is the Big Brother house itself. Each new season, the BBN team introduces different design elements for each part of the BBN house and this season is no different. And unlike some past BBN homes, a particularly pleasing feature of this season is that the house is designed well.

In honor of that, here are some of the inspirations you can take from the house and incorporate into yours


The Big Brother House design for this year features a lot of pastels. From the walls to the bedrooms and the bedding for the rooms and common areas. The BBN house also manages to incorporate pastel colours, lavender, peach, and nudes, in furniture. In your home, you can incorporate pastels in small ways - as throw pillows, paint for sections of your walls, and kitchen furniture - so that they function as focal points in your home.

Strategic Furniture Placements

The BBN house accommodates as many as 20 people for about three months in the same space. This means that they are compelled to plan strategically for space. There are only two bedrooms in the BBN house, except for the Head of House lounge which compels the designers of the house to plan thoughtfully for furniture. You’ll find that in the bedrooms, the beds are the same size and set close to each other with a central space that allows for movement. And in other parts of the house like the living room, you’ll see that the space, although large, is divided into a dining area, a tv section, all leading to the open-plan kitchen. The use of suggestive demarcations, i.e using large furniture to distinguish between spaces, is something you can replicate in your home if you have a huge, open-plan space. And if your space is small, you can go opt for small, but optimally functional furniture to properly maximize your space.

Go Big with Artworks

Across the walls of the BBN house, you will find artwork hanging on or close to the wall. In the BBN house, there is a large multicoloured parrot, and swirly drawings, amongst other things. Depending on what kind of space you have, you can never go wrong with distinct artwork in your home. Go for large landscape paintings, sculptures or miniature objects like woven raffia fans or bowls.

Artisanal Furniture

You can never go wrong with a piece of furniture that performs the role of comfort and art. In the BBN house, you’ll find swinging chairs, pink high-backed chairs, slim-backed seats, etc that provide multiple seating spaces for the housemates but also adds an artistic flair to whatever space they’re in. You too can make your furniture artisanal whether you are buying from a retailer or making your own. When building a chest, experiment with unconventional colours like dark green or white. Looking to build a hallway table? Try building it with repurposed wood. There are a million ways to make your furniture work for you while standing out.

Don’t Be Afraid of Colours

One thing the interior designers of the BBN house never shy away from in any year is colours. In this year’s house, colours play a vital role, featuring in all parts of the house. This is another design inspiration you can take from the BBN house. While colours can be overwhelming or confusing to combine correctly, they can really enliven your space if you use them well. For large spaces, you will do well to use bold colours, while white is the most effective colour for small spaces. Whichever way your design tastes lie, colours will always be your best friend.