10 Gift Ideas For Your Friend’s New Apartment

10 Gift Ideas For Your Friend’s New Apartment

So your friend has just moved into their new apartment. They probably spent weeks dealing with difficult agents, looking at houses or flats with shoebox kitchens or deplorable bathrooms. Or maybe they found great house agents or went for an easy, stress-free monthly renting alternative like Spleet. Whatever the case, your friend has now found a new home (aka your second residence) and as is expected of you, it is time to get them a housewarming gift. Before we share a list of housewarming gifts to get your new friend, there are a few important factors to consider.

What design style is your friend going for with their apartment? You have to understand if your friend is a minimalist or maximalist person when it comes to interior design. Do they enjoy bright colors or neutrals? Are they into boho styles or do they prefer a sturdier, more traditional style?

Another factor you might want to consider when picking out a gift for a friend’s new apartment is your friend’s current financial situation. Is your friend, having spent so much money, now low on cash? You should also importantly consider your own budget, as it will inform how meaningful your purchase will be. If you are able to answer these questions, you are much closer to knowing the perfect gift to pick out for your friend.

In the meantime, however, below are 10 gift ideas for your friend’s new apartment. We thoughtfully curated this list for you, both as a starting point and as a definitive point of reference.


Getting your friend a mattress as a gift for their new apartment is purely contextual. It would be greatly appreciated if your friend is cash-strapped and can’t immediately afford a mattress but it would simply be useless if they already have one. So you have to know whether or not your friend has all they need for their new apartment before picking out a gift for them. Notwithstanding, it is important to pick out practical gifts like a mattress so that you are not only saving your friend money, but you give them something to remember you by each time they use it.


Whether your friend is the minimalist or maximalist interior design type, everyone loves artwork for decoration. You can choose to commission a special piece or simply buy an existing artwork that won’t cost much. It is all depending on your budget.


Lamps, bedside, table side, and ceiling, might not be everyone’s taste, but they are always appreciated. Lamps add a distinct flair to any home, and you’ll be offering that to your friend’s new apartment if you choose to get them a lamp. You can also even get more practical by buying them a rechargeable lamp. Power goes out all the time here, it’ll surely come in handy one day.

Commission a piece or pieces of furniture

There is no greater gift than one that makes one’s life better every day. Commissioning a piece or pieces of furniture; small drawers, an inexpensive set of stools, a centre table, or a couch, is an excellent gift idea for a friend’s new apartment. Not only is furniture as a gift thoughtful, but they are also continuously useful for your friend, making them a timeless gift.


Food supply will always go a long way and is never a bad idea when thinking about what to get a friend for their new apartment. You can opt for easy-to-cook groceries and snacks that will serve as fuel while your friend completely figures out their food arrangement.

Spleet Membership Subscription

If your friend is renting with Spleet, a great way to gift them is by covering their monthly rent for a month or two. This way you are freeing up their budget and giving them some ease.


Plants may not be everyone’s speciality, but they are always a great addition to one’s home. You can get your friend a plant as a house gift. It is important to decide on which plant to bring based on whether your friend is a plant person or not. That way you can decide between bringing a low-maintenance plant or one that requires surplus attention.

Water Dispenser

Yes, a water dispenser is a great and practical gift to get for a friend’s new apartment. You can also go the extra mile to get them a few bottles of water to use the dispenser with so they don’t have to worry about that.


With appliances, which anyone, especially someone who has just moved into a new apartment will appreciate, you can decide to go big or small. You can do a fridge or a television. Or you can opt for mobile Bluetooth speakers or even multiple charging extension boxes. Hardly anything goes unused if it serves a practical purpose.

Bathroom supplies

Towels, bags of detergent, plungers, mops, buckets, scoop bowls, packs of tissues, bathroom rugs, soaps, toilet wash, and many others are some practical and thoughtful gifts to get a friend who has just moved into a new apartment. This is especially important as they can help your friend settle in while putting their place together.

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