‘There’s rice at home’ and everything you need to know the first few months after moving

When the excitement of changing houses has fizzled out, here’s a list of the most important things to do in your new house and environment.

‘There’s rice at home’ and everything you need to know the first few months after moving

The excitement of moving houses fizzles out the first couple of months after you’ve moved in, and the reality dawns on you. Rent has been paid, artisans have been contracted, and all the renovations you could afford have been completed.

But in all this excitement, here's a list of the most important things to know and do after you've moved in:

  1. Change your locks

Changing the locks of your new apartment is the first and most crucial security measure when you move.

2. Artisans will either become your best friends or worst nightmare

Anyone who’s had to work with artisans in Nigeria will understand the difficulty of getting excellent work done. If you’re not chasing them to do their job, you’re calling to come over to repair something you’ve already paid them to fix. The struggle is more than real when contracting an artisan; you’ll need all the good luck you can get.

3. The essentials come first.

Your needs come first before your wants and nice-to-have. Pay attention to the things you need more than the things you want. Home essentials usually include kitchen sets and a mattress to lay your head on. Any other items you consider an essential need should be put first.

4. There’s a chance your pockets will get lighter from all the spending

Paying your rent and bills will sometimes make you broke. Even if it doesn’t empty your pockets, it will make them lighter and make you more careful with your finances. The case is, of course, not the same for everyone.

5. Your mood board won’t be followed through to the T

Most people create a mood board in preparation for moving in. It helps with design aesthetics and a direction for renovation, and we often want to follow through with the image we’ve created for our space. You need to know that sometimes, it will take longer than you’ve envisaged for your mood board to become a reality.

6. You, unfortunately, can’t always select your flatmates if you’re moving into a shared space

Except if you’re moving in with your friends, you can’t be sure what you’ll get in terms of housemates. Establishing clear boundaries when you move in with unfamiliar people is essential.

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7. Is the plumbing terrible?? Yes, it is. The agent lied

Everything in your house could work, but the plumbing? There’s always something wrong with the plumbing, no matter how often it’s been fixed. Rent a house, and get plumbing problems for free.

8. You’ll immediately start thinking about your following rent

Adulting won’t give you a day off from thinking about your next rent and where it will come from. No matter how comfortable you are, it’s a rite of passage to consider the following rent the minute you move into a new apartment.

9. You’ll live out of your box for a little bit.

No one tells you how tedious unpacking your load from your previous house can be. You should have a small box with everything you need in your daily life until you finish unpacking.

10. Tracking your bills will help you with financial responsibility

Adulting already makes it imperative that you follow all your bills, but moving into a new home makes it even more critical. Tracking your electricity, water, security, and all other payments will help you become more financially responsible.

11. Cook as often as you can

Moving houses will make you understand why people say, 'there’s rice at home'. Cooking your meals yourself is an excellent way to save some money. The more money you save from eating out, the closer you reach to achieving your renovation dreams.

12. Get familiar with the neighbourhood

Getting to know your neighbours and understanding your neighbourhood is the number one rule when you change houses. It makes it easier for you to decide whether or not you want to live there long-term.

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