Your home needs an office, and your life needs a routine. The guide to working from home

Your home needs an office, and your life needs a routine. The guide to working from home

Working from home has been normalised in many industries worldwide and has been adopted by many people. Despite working from the comforts of their homes, the importance of a healthy routine has been discarded by some, and they need help with having a healthy work-life balance.

When working remotely, there are things to consider to help you work better and give you good use of your time and a healthier quality of life. Some of these considerations include where to work, when to work, how to work, and the tools you need to improve your work.

It's very easy to misuse the luxury that's working from home, which is why we've put together a short guide to help you improve your life and give it a routine.

  1. Sleep early

Sleeping early is an underrated hack for working from home. Getting enough sleep makes you feel well-rested and ready to take on the day when you wake up. Feeling good when you wake up gives you the motivation to get work done and reduces the urge to work from your bed or get into bed multiple times a day.

2. Have a schedule

Always have a schedule or a to-do list. Make sure your schedule isn't only work-related. Write in detail what you want to accomplish in the day and allocate time for each task. Having a schedule makes it easier to visualise your day and how you want it to go. Written schedules may seem cliché, but they work.

Recommended app: Notion

3. Prepare for work

Don't roll out of bed and get right into work. Take some time to prepare yourself for work. Preparing for work could include taking a shower, writing down your plans for the day, settling in your home office, having a meal and mentally preparing yourself for your tasks. Preparing for work puts you in a better mood to get the job done.

4. Set boundaries with the people you live with

If you live with your family or share a space with friends, you'd need to let them know you can't be disturbed during work hours. Constant distractions during work hours affect your work rhythm and keep you longer on a task. Ensure the people living in your home respect your working hours.

5. Have a home office

Creating a space in your home for work is essential to help you separate work time from home time. Your home office or work space should be equipped with all the necessary tools to get your job done and reduce distractions. Prioritise good lighting, space and maybe a rest area if your space can accommodate one.

6. Maintain regular work hours

Start work at the time allocated to you, and try not to overextend yourself unless necessary. It's easy to get caught up in work when you have a home office and spend more hours than necessary in that space. Have a time when you get work done and leave your office when the time is right.

7. Take breaks

Every job has a break time. Take breaks while working instead of staying glued to your sits working round the clock. Use your break time to do things you enjoy, or just use it to get some rest. Anything you do during your break time is entirely up to you; all that matters is that you take the break.

8. Use all your leave time

It's one thing to take breaks during the day while working; it's another thing to take some time off when all you do is sleep and enjoy your time. Disconnecting from work is essential to improve the quality of your life and work.

9. Invest in tools that make working from home comfortable

Buy tools that would make your life easier. The most important one is an ergonomic chair. Electronic devices also make syncing and tracing all your work easier, especially if you're working on different projects at the same time.

10. Step outside your home

Lastly, working from home doesn't mean you shouldn't see the sun or step out of your house. Working remotely affords you the luxury of working from different parts of the world unless stated otherwise—work from a workstation or a cafe. Don't stay trapped in your house all the time.

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