Roses are red, violets are blue. I fell in love with my neighbour.

Let's just say the concept of good neighbourliness is not lost on these people.

Roses are red, violets are blue. I fell in love with my neighbour.

Get ready for an aww-worthy read. We asked our online community to share stories of romantic connections with their neighbours (or landlords). These are the responses we got.

Disclaimer: Do not try (some of) this at home.

  1. Nothing romantic about this per se but out of the 5 landlords I've had, I've slept with 2 of them. Before you judge me, I did not set out to do so. It just happened that they turned out to be good-looking men in their late forties to fifties. One of them was single, and the other was separated. Looking back, I fumbled the bag heavily. I should have asked them to waive my rent for the following year. - Bukola, 30.
  2. I went through a rough breakup in 2016, and at the time, I was living in a block of flats. The apartments had paper-thin walls, and you could hear whatever was happening in the next apartment if you listened hard enough. I would cry myself to sleep for weeks. One night, my tall, handsome neighbour knocked on my door and asked if I was okay because he heard me sobbing. From then on, he would bring me lunch unannounced, check on me regularly, and he was just really sweet. One thing led to the other, we went out for dinner and ended up in his apartment. The details of that night are NSFW. - Maryann, 25.

  3. She didn't have a car, and we both worked on the island, so she carpooled with me every morning. Carpools turned to 'could you help me zip up my dress?' which turned into movie nights and sleepovers. I knew I was in love when she told me she was moving out. I was sad for days until she left, but we kept in touch and continued our movie and sleepover traditions. Intimacy entered the chat, and we became official. She's beautiful, smart, and adventurous. I love her very much, and my parents are obsessed with her. It has been the best time of my life. I'm proposing to her on Valentine's Day this year. - Samson, 30.
  4. I had this neighbour who always brought girls to his apartment and wouldn't let the building sleep because the girls would scream from dusk to dawn in enjoyment. I decided I wanted a taste of enjoyment, so I got his name from the building group chat, followed him on Twitter and, haha, you're so funny'd my way into his DMs and eventually his bed. Those girls are dirty liars, and if I catch them?. - Ife, 24

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  5. I have two rules in life. One, never sleep with a coworker. Two, never sleep with a neighbour. I broke rule number two when my neighbour (now boyfriend) moved in. First, he is tall and gorgeous with locs and tattoos. I was immediately attracted, but I managed to compose myself around him. Second, he was helpful. He would help me turn off my generator and switch over, pay our floor contributions, collect my packages and do nice neighbourly things for me. We eventually started having deep conversations, and it turned out that his sister and I were in the same department at CU. We started to go out on dates and exchange just because gifts, and he asked me to be his girlfriend. I live in his apartment now. However, I still pay the rent on my space because a girl has to have a backup at all times. - Toke, 26.
  6. I live in a three-bedroom shared apartment, and my flatmates are sex buddies. It's none of my business, but when we need to make house decisions, it's automatically 2 versus 1. I hate that very much - Dayo, 26.

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