How to pay rent monthly in Nigeria

How to pay rent monthly in Nigeria 101.

How to pay rent monthly in Nigeria

When I moved back to Nigeria in 2020, I had planned to get to rent a place for myself and not move in with family because I was already accustomed to independence and living by myself. I had already done it for 2 years and wanted to continue to do this as I moved back home.

Living abroad has made me familiar with a monthly rent payment structure, unlike what is obtainable in Nigeria. In Nigeria, tenants are required to pay their rent on annual basis. Some landlords may even ask for two years' rent paid upfront.

As a result of inflation due to economic recession and increasing rent prices due to the housing crisis in Nigeria , most young Nigerians looking to move out of their parent's house and into an apartment of their own are sometimes left with no choice but to apply for loans in order to afford their annual rent.

Adopting a monthly payment system enables young people in Nigeria looking to start their adult lives to be able to rent a place, debt-free. Platforms like Spleet provide move-in ready homes for renters looking for flexible payment schedules -- monthly, quarterly or bi-annually. You have the option to choose between a fully-furnished home or an empty space. You can also choose to share with verified housemates or to live all by yourself.

With Spleet, your rent subscription is all bills inclusive which means that you don't have to pay for electricity, security, water, community or estate dues or other home management needs. When you rent on Spleet, you get the most convenient living option for a renter and great value for your money.

So how do you find a home and pay rent monthly in Nigeria on Spleet?

  1. Visit

2. Type in your preferred living location e.g Ikeja, Lekki, Gbagada, Ikorodu etc.

3. You can narrow down your search using the filters to search by space type - shared apartment or entire space; price range; or duration of stay - monthly, quarterly or bi-annually.

4. When you find an apartment you like, schedule a viewing for free. Spleet does not charge any inspection or viewing fees.

5. After viewing the apartment, return to your member dashboard to complete your booking and pay for your subscription.

6. If you do not find what you are looking for, let us know your preference and our business team will reach out to you with what matches your request.

There are tons of benefits to paying rent monthly in Nigeria including financial management, flexibility to move out whenever you want, better budgeting and transparency between you, the tenant and your landlord.