Have a spare room or an apartment for rent? Here are 5 reasons why you should use Spleet as a landlord.

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Have a spare room or an apartment for rent? Here are 5 reasons why you should use Spleet as a landlord.

Finding vetted and verified tenants to rent your spare room or apartment is no walk in the park. You often have to employ the services of a housing agent and a lawyer. These services come at a price that is pushed to prospective tenants, thus raising the cost of the total rent and discouraging them from renting.

You also have to do the hard work of manually verifying these prospective tenants before making the decision of who to give a lease agreement to. Not to mention the various maintenance issues that would come up during the tenancy period and which you are responsible for.

Landlords who trust Spleet to manage their listing process do not have to worry about any of these. When you list your home on Spleet, you earn money monthly from tenants looking for flexible payment schedules and take off all of the stress of looking for and verifying these tenants.

Still doubting if you should list your home on Spleet? Here are 5 reasons why you should.

1. Track earnings and subscriptions on your Spleet Host Dashboard

You have total control of your finances and property when you list on Spleet. Your host dashboard gives you access to your property status, current subscriptions, information about your occupants, earnings so far and feedback from tenants.

2. Reliable and prompt facility management and maintenance support.

When you list your property on Spleet, you have the option of subscribing to our facility maintenance support. Broken pipe? We'll fix it. Out of cooking gas? We'll sort it out. Need a repaint? Your tenant can count on us.

3. Your payment comes in on time - monthly, quarterly or annually.

One of the most predominant issues landlords face is rent default. Not Spleet landlords though. They receive their payments right on time no matter the payment schedule - monthly, quarterly or annually.

4. Free tenant verification.

As a landlord, you do not want to rent to high-risk tenants. And you don't have to. Spleet offers our landlords identity verification, and fraud indicator checks to guarantee that all tenants are verified and trustworthy.

5. You don't have to deal with tenants directly.

From inspections to maintenance, we are the intermediary between you and your tenants.

You are a step away from increasing your earnings.  Click here to get started and join other Spleet landlords enjoying easy rental management.