6 most common items purchased out of FOMO

If you feel like you got called out, you’re not wrong 😉. Which of these items do you have in your house? Don’t be shy; let us know.

6 most common items purchased out of FOMO

Between the one million tweets and instagram posts from people who bought an air-fryer and won’t stop going on about how it changed their lives to people who became plant parents and made it their entire personality, we wonder who your biggest influencers were.

As much as you try to deny it, we know you have items in your home you bought because the internet or people around you won’t stop going on about them.

We put together a list of some items we know are most commonly purchased out of FOMO.

  1. Air fryers

For real, did you buy that air fryer because you no longer like the taste of oil and want a healthier option or because you saw the ad several times on the internet? Adverts work on the best of us, and the number of people who own an air fryer is proof of that. There’s no judgment here, considering how essential it is to our general well-being and how much better it makes your life. It’s a good purchase.

2. Plants

Plants bring colour and freshness to your home, but like kids or pets, they must be adequately taken care of. Don’t buy a plant or plants if you’re not committed to the amount of care they require. Everyone wants to be a plant parent, but can everyone be a plant parent?

3. Coffee table books

Coffee table books have to be one of the most exciting things to buy, considering the books have no information and are totally decorative. In our opinion, there are better-looking coffee table decorations that should replace contentless books.

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4. Candles and diffusers

Scented candles and diffusers are never a miss whether or not you bought them due to external influence. Your home should be your haven, and scented candles achieve that perfectly. A home that smells nice is a home you always want to come back to.

5. Art

Putting up arts in your house is always a good way to elevate your home decoration and and it’s highly recommended. Art as a home accenture is hardly ever a miss, but only becomes one when the art is not purchased from the original artist.

6. Ceramic vases

The ceramic vases era was one for the books. We say it like it’s over, but it’s not. Those vases came like a storm and became a must-have regardless of the size of your home or your personal decor style. We have to admit how pretty they are.

Your home is yours and however you chose to design is it to make it liveable is always up to you. This article wasn’t written with any judgments 💫

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